Golden Rose Color Expert Nail Lacquer


Hello Girls!

I’m not sure how long Golden Rose has been available in our country, but I think it’s pretty well-known here. I got a few shades from there color expert nail lacquer range. The fact that it all seemed so affordable made me go a bit crazy, as you can see.

It has a wide range of colors, you name it and there they have it.The formula of these is of medium thickness and it spreads nicely, two coats and you are good to go!

What i loved most about these is there brush, which is  wider and just slightly rounded at the edges. So that your edges are fully covered and always look perfect.

Long lasting power is what people look for when buying nail polish, well they all are the same and it can depend from person to person. If you have good nails I would dare to say, you can wear it for up to 5 days with no problem.

Well it’s definitely a good nail polish brand and the nail polishes are so damn cheap for the quality, PKR 195 each. The color range is insane. If you are a nail-holic like me then let me warn you that no way are you getting satisfied by buying one color, as you might get lost in all of those shades, that’s how many of them there are.

As far as the availability is concerned, it’s nearly avail at all the supermarkets, makeup-houses and online pages.

check out the whole range at:


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